Uramakiuramaki “Inside Out” roll

Maki, Shou Si, is the Japanese term for “roll”. As such, any Japanese food item found on a menu that ends in “maki”, refers to a traditional roll made of vinegared sushi rice and wrapped in anything from seaweed to an egg omelet. Although “makizushi” is the correct name for sushi rolls, there are many variations.

Uramaki: The “rebel role”

Uramaki, also known as makizushi or traditional sushi rolls in Japanese cuisine, is one of five traditional sushi rolls. Its name literally means “inside out” roll. Because it is not the norm to wrap rice rolls from the outside, it could be called a “rebel” roll. Instead, the contents of the roll are wrapped in nori and rice is then rolled around them.

Instead of seeing a typical sushi roll with seaweed on the outside, you’ll see the rice inside and the nori on the inside. The sushi artist can add sesame seeds or roe (fish eggs), tempura (crispy flakes) and other creative options to make the rice bind.

It takes precision and care to roll this type of maki, especially when you have to cut it into pinwheels that are delicious with soy sauce. Uramaki is one of the more difficult types of maki.

It is believed that uramaki was an American version of sushi, and was created back when Americans and Canadians were not yet used to eating seaweed. Read more about the possible origins for uramaki.

Five types of makizushi

As follows is the entire makizushi family

1. hosomaki- A thin roll with rice on the inside and nori outside. chumaki- A medium-width roll with rice on the inside and nori outside.

3. Futomaki- A thick roll with rice on the inside and nori outside

4. Uramaki – The inside of our roll or “rebel roll”, with the nori on the inside and rice on the exterior.

5. temaki – A cone-shaped “hand roll” made of rice and topped with the contents.

Who eats uramaki

Uramaki is a sushi treat that’s made for those who are still learning how to enjoy the texture and taste of seaweed. The roll will contain seaweed, but you can substitute it with other ingredients, on request.

Are you a mess?

Sushi Inc. has sushi chefs who are highly trained to make sure that you have a memorable dining experience. This includes the quality and taste of the food, as well as the service and actual experience of eating sushi.

However, an uramaki roll will retain its shape just like any other sushi roll. The amount of ingredients that are used to make the sushi rice stick together is key to achieving this. The makizushi masters at our sushi studio are highly skilled and will create a masterpiece you and your friends will love.

What’s inside the roll?

Like all maki there is no limit to what can be put inside. It is surprising to note that some of the most sought-after roll options are made from uramaki.

Popular uramaki roll

* California roll: avocado, nori, cucumber, sesame seeds, crab

* Spicy tuna roll: tuna, chili sauce, nori, spicy mayo

It is possible that you are already a fan of uramaki, even though you don’t know it. You can try a roll to see the differences between different types of maki.

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Uramakiうらまき The “inside out” roll